duminică, 29 decembrie 2013

Borrowed memories

The idea is simple. It invented a system whereby your mind can access someone else's memory *. As always in Murphy's laws, something must go wrong. That is fiction, of course, if not the journey through someone else's memory would become very boring. In fact, what else distinguishes somebody else memory of your memory?! Sure, there are many, but to some philosophical level, unimportant details. What do we do if this is real ( and certainly will be ), and it certainly is that somewhere in an alternate infinitely own existence. And if it is just a huge hologram, one so great (sure, at this point we can not talk about size!), just roll down the other side where you really cannot change anything. Holograms respects certain principles, one of them very strange, is that if broke, its holder shards will faithfully reproduce the hologram parent with whole contain. Extrapolating, our memory is only a faithful reproduction of the memory of the universe and just our own limit, or lack of bravery allows us to became the whole part of our full memory....

* Extraction

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